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About Fat Cow Jerky


Unlike some other jerky brands, we craft our beef jerky with 100% beef.

We use the lean cuts of meat, slice them into strips and then marinate with select ingredients and a unique blend of herbs and spices that make an incredible flavor. Whenever you open a bag of Fat Cow Jerky, you get a taste of American ingenuity, perfected recipes, and our passion for making the ultimate flavored meat snacks. Fat Cow Jerky is a small business with big heart and a love for high-quality, delicious snacks right here in Delaware County, PA.


image of Ron Pflaumer, President of Fat Cow Jerky

"Hi there,
My name is Ron, and I am the owner/founder of Fat Cow Jerky. I am just a normal blue collar construction worker that took his love of beef jerky to a new level.

This venture all started when I was buying jerky every day to take to work and all the flavors started tasting the same. One Friday during happy hour I decided to order a dehydrator and give it a whirl. The batch came out decent, but still tasted like the rest. Being an avid BBQ enthusiast, I hit my spice cabinet and decided to make something of my own, not found on the internet. This was this single batch that changed the way I looked at jerky.

I started handing it out to my friends and that soon grew into a demand. I was selling jerky each weekend. The flavor ideas started flowing and what started out as a hobby, quickly grew into a demand, Fat Cow Jerky was born!"

Ron Pflaumer
President of Fat Cow Jerky