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DELCO DAY 7 June 11, 2022

Mark your calendar for Delco Day 7, June 11, 2022! We'll be there with our award winning beef jerky, apparel and more! EVENT DETAILS June 11, 2022 Marty Magee's 2pm-2am 15 Delco Musical Acts Delco Vendors $6.10 to get in Everything Delco From DELCO LIVE:"In conjunction with HeadStrong Foundation... we bring you the 7th installment of the biggest party in the County. This year, all proceeds will be going to a specific HeadStrong recipient in Delco battling childhood leukemia." Click here to let us know if you're going!

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Time To Shift To Tasty Snacking: Flavored Meat Snack!

Are you bored with your regular snacks? Or do healthy snacks not suit your taste buds? If any of this is true for you, this post will take you to the mouthwatering flavored meat snacks! With sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have resulted in low energy and multiple health issues. Therefore, now is when we wake up and become conscious about our eating habits, but this does not mean you cut out everything in one go, but start with small steps- Snacks. We have developed a habit of munching snacks throughout the day, either while watching movies or performing stress-inducing tasks. But these snacks are not good for the gut, as most are high on trans-fat and cholesterol levels. Therefore,...

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Accessories For Beef Jerky Lovers!

Are you crazy about beef jerky? Do you like trying out new flavors of Beef Jerky? So, how about trying different accessories to represent your love for the snack? The types of apparel you use reflect a lot about your personality. Some people like to wear plain basic clothes, and some people wear their personalities. You can guess their interests and likes just by glancing at their overall outfit. So, if you are expressive and want to showcase your love for the jerky, a jerky snap-back cap or a sweatshirt with a jerky design are some of the options you can look out for to express your cravings for jerky.   But, you should not just buy apparel only for...

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Fat Cow Jerky and The Best Artisan Jerky of 2021

Back in 2021, Fat Cow Jerky entered the TASTE TV. International BEST ARTISAN JERKY Competition to see how we rank in flavor, consistency, uniqueness, quality and more. Two of our beef jerky flavors won the gold for Uniqueness and Quality. Read the article below and see how we did! The link to the official website is at the end of the post.  THE BEST ARTISAN JERKY OF 2021 "The world is full of fantastic, delicious, and innovative jerky. That’s why our panel of experts tastes each year some of the best, and ranks and celebrates what they find. The annual International Jerky Awards competition rewards the Top Jerky creations of the Year. This year some of the best jerky was not only made of the...

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